Dummy, a card game that can be played for real money.

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Another card game that is a round card game that many gamblers People are constantly looking and wanting to bet. Because it’s a game that is fun to play and easy to make profits. Importantly, there are many different ways to play, including playing the application itself. Or will it be playing through the casino itself? Whoever likes to play card games must not miss this game. That is, this dummy game. This dummy game will be play. Never bet before, today we will take you to get to know each other. สมัคร UFABET

How to play dummy?

To play the dummy. You’ll need to learn the vocabulary. Now it’s time to start playing.

The first step,

the person who was the first player. Must look at the cards in the head from the midfield. If they can be brought to the cards. That are in their own hands Then pick up that card and combine it with the cards that our hand has. And can be facing down to put. It on your own lap or in front. Of yourself Along with having to discard 1 card. That is in the hand down instead. But if the person who plays the first person then looks at the head card from the midfield Can’t happen. Can only draw 1 card from the draw pile, and if it looks like the card can’t be born again. You can discard any card you have in your possession. But if a check has occurre. Or you can keep it in your hand. But another card has to be discarded in place of the card you have. picking up

Step 2 

The second    player has to look at the cards from the first player. That have been dropped into the middle box. If it can be born. Then pick a card from the pot. to combine with the cards in the hand and after that. Take the combined cards and turn them face down as well. and must choose 1 card in the discarded hand instead of. The card that was picked up by using. The same method as the first person. And after that, people keep playing. Whether it’s the 3rd person. The 4th person, until the ring is complete. And the cards are arranged. If anyone has arranged it until it is knocked out. It will be the end of the game immediately.