“Gerrard” says Villa are already playing to win every match

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has confirmed they will play their best in the remaining two games this season against Burnley and Manchester City,

who are 14th in the Premier League table. They just have to complete the program and win the best place they can this season. the UFABET report

However, Thursday night rivals Burnley. Who are 18th in the table and the still need points to escape relegation.

As the final match, they face Man City, a team that needs a win to guarantee their title over Liverpool.

When asked if the remaining two games were less important to them than their rivals? Gerrard said: “No, probably true from their point of view.”

“I was not involved in relegation or title races. I am the manager of Aston Villa and both of these games are games where we can try to get the three points.

“We will have a full stadium of fans waiting to see us play. It is my duty to win both games.

” “What is important for us is to focus on ourselves and aim to finish the season as strong as possible with positive results in the remaining two games,” he said.

“We need to try. And get better in the league. he said