Nuñez must have if he wants to be a great Liverpool striker.

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Nuñez must have if he wants to be a great Liverpool striker.

Darwin Nuñez came under heavy criticism. After missing several scoring opportunities for Liverpool in their 1-1 draw with Luton Town on Sunday night. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Jamie Carragher has advised Darwin Nuñez to be a good striker. After he missed a key opportunity to score for Liverpool in the Premier League game against Luton Town on Sunday.

The Uruguayan national team striker had several opportunities to shoot into the lead for the Reds, with a moment. When his shot from less than 3 yards unfortunately went over the bar. He was heavily criticized at the end of the game. Carragher advised this young star that

“There is a lot to admire about him and he is having a great season. But he had moments. When fans considered him not yet a top player. from the situation that occurred”

“So he has to change the situation a little bit like that. It’s not just about increasing sharpness. But you have finish in variety of ways as well.”

“He has to bring that into his game and be more subtle. It’s not just about putting your foot down and shooting every time you get the chance,” Carragher said.