The Best Roulette Formula That The Pros Use.

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After learning to play roulette Now coming to the roulette technique that every player wants to know how to win at roulette game and win big.

Let me first say that these formulas are not a guarantee that you will win. But it is a secret to playing so that you win more than you lose. These formulas are often used by professional gamblers. It comes from the same mathematical calculation as the house edge.

1. Martingale – For Beginner Players With Small Reels

Martingale may not be a roulette formula. The capital is small but it is a sure way to play with a roulette table. You can set your bets yourself. This way you will get your capital back quickly when losses occur.

A Martingale is a bet where you double your money on the next betting round after a losing bet. For example, you bet £100 on your first bet. And when you lose in the first round. The second round requires you to double your money. That is 200 baht to your bet. And keep doing this until you win. And when you win, come back and bet at 100 baht again.UFABET 

Of course, you should strictly calculate your budget. In the first round, there is no need to bet a very high amount. Maybe just 2-3% of the total amount intended to bet.

2. D’Alembert – For Players With Big Funds

Another popular online roulette formula, D’Alembert has a similar strategy to the Martingale above, only this time switching from doubling the money to setting the amount that will increase or decrease each round.

For example, you set a goal of 10 baht per round and bet 100 baht on the first round. If you win the first round, you will reduce your bet by 10 baht to 90 baht, and if you win again, you will reduce it to 80 baht.

But if your third eye loses You will need to increase the bet amount by 10 baht to 90 baht. If you lose again, you must add another 10 baht to 100, and if you lose, the next round must increase to 110 baht, etc.

This type of betting method will help you play for the long term. It is recommended that the target should be set at 1% of the total amount of funding per round.