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Flavonoids the secret to good health of tea.

Flavonoids It is a substance found in many fruits and vegetables. It’s not just found in green tea and only black tea. But it can also be found in soybeans, black galingale, grape seed extracts. And drinks like wine, etc. Flavonoids have antioxidant properties. Therefore there are many benefits to the

Refrigerator integrity.

In hot weather in our country, keeping food in the refrigerator is a convenient way. And more efficient than storing food in a normal temperature pantry.  To store food for a long time Temperature is very important. If the air is suitable for the growth of many bacteria. There

Warm water with lemon What are the benefits?

Lemon is a fruit from the same family as oranges. Contains water containing many organic acids. Such as citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid. It is also a source of vitamin C and other minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus in terms of medicinal properties. Lemon helps to expel

Mourinho denies PSG rumors.

Roma boss Jose Mourinho has denied reports. He held talks with PSG over becoming the Ligue 1 giants’ new boss. Reports in France say PSG have been in contact with the Roma boss. And he is in advanced talks to reach an agreement. Mourinho, 60,

Liverpool cares about pulling goalkeeper.

Liverpool are reportedly interested in signing former World Cup-winning goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler. This could be the work of York Schmattke, who has identified as the Red new sporting director. The Hannover captain was one of Schmadtke’s signings. After he was appoint sporting director at the German

Barca consider Giyamon as another replacement for Busquets.

Valencia midfielder Hugo Giyamon is another target as Barcelona are looking to replace Sergio Busquets. ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported on Wednesday that. Barcelona are interested in Hugo Giyamon as a potential replacement for Sergio Busquets. Who is preparing to leave the club after this season.  Barcelona

Kahn revealed Bayern Munich tried to hunt down Haaland.

Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn has revealed his side did everything they could to sign Erling Haaland last summer. Before the player moved to join the Manchester City football team. The battle to sign the striker heated up last year. When he was about to leave Borussia