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Barca consider Giyamon as another replacement for Busquets.

Valencia midfielder Hugo Giyamon is another target as Barcelona are looking to replace Sergio Busquets. ‘Mundo Deportivo’ reported on Wednesday that. Barcelona are interested in Hugo Giyamon as a potential replacement for Sergio Busquets. Who is preparing to leave the club after this season.  Barcelona

Kahn revealed Bayern Munich tried to hunt down Haaland.

Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn has revealed his side did everything they could to sign Erling Haaland last summer. Before the player moved to join the Manchester City football team. The battle to sign the striker heated up last year. When he was about to leave Borussia

Liverpool confident that Gomez will fit in for the UCL final

The UFABET reports that Liverpool are confident Joe Gomez. Will be fit for the Champions League final. After sending the player on check for an ankle injury, the 24-year-old had to be substituted during. The first half of Tuesday night’s 2-1 win over Southampton and kept them

Teddy believes that “Kene” is at Tottenham,

Ex-England striker Teddy Sheringham thinks Harry Kane is more likely to win titles with Tottenham than with a move to Manchester United . Year had been heavily linked with Manchester City last summer. But in the end, the transfer of the team did not happen. And referred

Bakshears ‘Vlajovic’ has the qualities of a top player

Salernitana forward Franck Ribery has praised Juventus forward Dusan Vlajovic. Qualified to become a top player in the future The two used to play together for a short time. with Fiorentina Before the Frenchman star moved out because his contract expired last season While the Serb spearhead moved to

“Gerrard” says Villa are already playing to win every match

Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has confirmed they will play their best in the remaining two games this season against Burnley and Manchester City, who are 14th in the Premier League table. They just have to complete the program and win the best place they can