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When it comes to online sports betting Many people would think of football or football betting online first. But in fact There are also a number of sports that can be wager in a fun and profitable way. One of the 2nd most popular sports betting among gamblers around the world is basketball sports betting or betting on basketball online The sport of basketball is similar to football in terms of competition format. Therefore, betting is similar to football as well.

Get to know basketball

Basketball was born in 1891 by the invention of a physical education teacher at a school in Springfield, Massachusetts in the United States. The aim is to provide school students with fun indoor sports to play in winter. After that, basketball has grown in popularity more and more widely. from school level from college to olympics At present, from the total number of sports besides football Basketball is the second most popular sport around the world. ทางเข้า UFABET

Basketball rules and regulations

  • Number of Players is divided into 2 teams. Of 5 players each (with a maximum of 7 substitutes. And unlimited substitutions). during the dead ball)
  • duration of the competition Will be divided into 4 quarters per game. Each quarter of 10 minutes, can be extended (overtime), So in 1 game will take about 50 minutes or more
  • Counting of points by scoring by throwing a basketball into the opponent’s basket. The team that scores more points wins. Which will be divid into Area outside the penalty area 3 points, area in the penalty area 2 points and penalty area 1 point
  • rules of play Players must dribble the bounce on the ground with only one hand and above the ball. The must be thrown into the opponent’s ring within 24 seconds after the ball is in possession.

Other rules and terms that you should know

  1. Dead ball is a ball that is shot into the ring or free throw or while the game is stopped. The basketball match duration will be stopped while the dead ball occurs.
  2. In a game, if a player has fouled 5 times, the game will not be played again and has a “Foul out” status on shoulder impact. Fight opponents and delay action.