Flavonoids the secret to good health of tea.

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Flavonoids It is a substance found in many fruits and vegetables. It’s not just found in green tea and only black tea. But it can also be found in soybeans, black galingale, grape seed extracts. And drinks like wine, etc. Flavonoids have antioxidant properties. Therefore there are many benefits to the body.

Flavonoids found in plants can be divide into two types:

  • Naringin is a substance in the flavonoid group that gives the bitter taste in the peels of citrus fruits.
  • Catechin, found in tea is found in green tea.

Benefits of flavonoids

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. (including heart disease and cerebrovascular)
  2. Reduce levels of cholesterol, plaque, and bad fat in the blood. And where are the blood vessels? that is the cause of coronary artery disease
  3. Helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels UFABET
  4. Drinking green tea or black tea is refreshing. Energetic, brain alert because it has half the caffeine compare to the same amount of coffee. It is another option for people who need less caffeine than coffee.
  5. The reactivity of blood vessels improves. Refers to the way the blood vessels react to chemicals. And that emotional tension. Which when the blood vessels have a good reaction. It will help the blood vessels to have blood circulation. And other reactions in order for the body to respond faster to problems that arise.