‘Matip’ tells the end of the season, ‘Swans’ will only focus on beating Wolves

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Joel Matip says Liverpool will focus solely on playing against Wolves. Their Premier League title hopes will have to rely on Aston Villa overcoming Manchester City with

a second-half Matip header to help the Merseyside side beat Southampton when With Tuesday night becoming a key trio

, Jurgen Klopp’s side moved up behind Manchester City by just one point and the Premier League champions will be decided on the final day of

Wolves. will invade to visit Anfield on the closing day of the season and City will host Villa at home but the Cameroonian defender has said he will focus solely on their game.

“We will try our best. We just play our games and that’s what we have to focus on. We try to make it as exciting as possible,” Matip told the UFABET club’s website.

“We can only watch our game, playing against Wolves is hard enough and we will focus all our attention on Wolves, that’s the only thing we can change and that’s what we will do.

” It will be a difficult game and if we focus on other games it will make it even more difficult.

” how But it doesn’t matter We played well and deserved to win. Everyone put in quite

a lot of effort. But to be honest, I don’t care.”