Carra warns ‘Mohamed Salah’ to learn from ‘Dum,Coutie’ move and die

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Jamie Carragher has warned Mohamed Salah to look at former Liverpool players Philippe Coutinho and Georginio Wijnaldum as examples of leaving the club. Yes, it will end well.

The 29-year-old striker is due to expire at Liverpool in 2023 and so far there has been no progress on a new contract.

Rumors about his future continued to circulate and Carragher thinks Salah should stay because Liverpool are right for him and take the player who left the club earlier as an example.

“Of course I really want Salah to renew and I think he should renew, Klopp turns good players into great players and Salah is one of them. He’s a very good player and now he’s a superstar,” Carragher told UFABET Sport.

“Gini Wijnaldum is one of them, Coutinho is one of them, Emre Can is one of them but not to that level,”

he said. Deserves to be paid more from Liverpool than ever. They decided to switch teams and they are not the same.”

“I think that’s a lesson for Salah in the future. It’s not that he’s not a great player, but this place suits him. The Premier League is for him, Klopp is for him, the club is for him. And this is where he became a superstar, never with any other club before

. But I think he should keep in mind that there are a few players who leave Liverpool thinking they are better up front, probably only on the salary.”

Wijnaldum moved to Paris Saint-Gerg. Ling at the end of last season and scoring 3 goals in 37 games for the French champions

Coutinho moved to Barcelona in 2018 but has failed to impress in his career at Barcelona.

He was offered a temporary loan at Bayern Munich and was sent back to England in January. With a loan contract with Aston Villa and has already been signed