“Verratti” said that if the team fell out of the UCL like Elder Tiger

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Marco Verratti, the key midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain Looks like if they get knocked out of the Champions League At the hands of a team like Villarreal, like Bayern Munich, they will be hit harder by the fans.

The “PSG” army has been hit hard by their fans both on and off the field Until now, after being eliminated from the Champions League round of 16 after losing to “White King” in the second leg, although the advantage until the end

The players in the team, such as Verratti, also spoke about the impact in this regard.

“The fans have the right to whistle at them but not during the game. We should unite Sometimes it feels like we’re not playing in our own home at all. It’s really hard to understand,” Verratti said

. For example, talk I have no problem with that. I’m ready to talk to them.” The UFABET report

“I know the fans spend a lot of money on season tickets and watching away games. They have the right to clap or whistle after the game. But if we want to grow together we should throw everything in the trash

. Imagine if we were eliminated because of Villarreal, like Bayern Munich, we wouldn’t even be able to leave the pitch!

” Become the best team in the world someday. It just takes time.”