Teddy believes that “Kene” is at Tottenham,

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Ex-England striker Teddy Sheringham thinks Harry Kane is more likely to win titles with Tottenham than with a move to Manchester United

. Year had been heavily linked with Manchester City last summer. But in the end, the transfer of the team did not happen. And referred to as the main force of the team until it came to a close to the trading market that he began to be in the news with many teams again.

Although the names of big teams like Manchester United are linked to the players. But the former team’s footballer, Sheringham, sees the young center forward more likely to succeed with the current team.

“If you’re a United fan, you’d expect Kane to join the team if he wanted to. Every club in the world would want him as well,” Sheringham said.

“Manchester United is falling out of the hierarchy for big-name players. But despite that being said, they are still a very big club. They can still attract players

. Although they won’t be playing in Europe next season. It’s still difficult to turn down Manchester United,

but it’s all about the manager coming in and whether you’re being guided properly, I think Ten Hag has a very difficult job. To control the boat in the right direction with Manchester United ” the UFABET report

“I would have to say that now Tottenham have a chance to win more than Kane has a chance to win something at Tottenham. More with Conte than with Manchester United now.”